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來源✘▩◕│◕:http://www.zfzjr.com 釋出人✘▩◕│◕:shunxing 日期✘▩◕│◕:2023-05-26
1₪◕、 Find only 'cheap' headhunting companies
Choosing to collaborate with headhunting companies is currently the main channel for recruiting senior talents. Most companies that do not use headhunting often find other ways because of headhunting costs and feel that headhunting fees are too high. Companies think: Isn't it just about finding someone? Do you need to spend so much money? There is no way to find a headhunting company, so we can find cheap or even free trial headhunters to help. Headhunting companies hired out of this "stall mentality" are generally not professional headhunting companies.
Jinan headhunting company reminds you that if both parties do not trust each other, the effect will naturally be very poor.
2₪◕、 Only accept 'post employment payment'
Some companies hope to provide candidates before paying for headhunting services, but the results are often poor. There is no risk-free business behavior in the market, and even if companies recruit and employ themselves, there is a risk that high paying talents will not be able to pass the three-month probationary period. Companies also need to pay salaries of over 10000 yuan per month. Once working with a headhunting company, the hope is for 'zero risk'.
On the surface, a zero down payment signed customer transfers all the risks, but in reality, it is not. Because headhunting companies that accept zero down payment contracts are not professional enough, and the customers who receive zero down payment are inevitably B-class customers of the company, who will be trained by the company's junior or assistant consultants.
3₪◕、 The negotiation process is just a bargaining process
The focus of negotiations between clients and headhunting companies should have been to assess their professional level and consultant quality, but many clients often turn the negotiation process into a single bargaining process without seriously understanding the professional level and consultant quality of headhunting companies. According to international practice, headhunting companies need to collect a deposit from customers, which will not be refunded regardless of whether they have found suitable talent for the customer in the future.
But some headhunting companies simply do not collect deposits in order to compete for business, which directly results in some companies finding five or six headhunting agencies to provide services at the same time. The result is that no headhunting company takes it seriously, and the company cannot recruit the desired candidates.
4₪◕、 Not looking for people, but for gods
“既然我花了錢│▩₪,請你們獵頭公司找人│▩₪,當然找到的人必須是好的啦!" 老闆帶著這種想法找獵頭│▩₪,對人選的要求除了正常的學歷₪◕、年齡₪◕、性別₪◕、履歷₪◕、以往業績之外│▩₪,還要加上屬相₪◕、籍貫₪◕、星座等等│▩₪,有的甚至還提出│▩₪,要請“大師”給“算”一下才可以入職·│◕│✘。
Since I have spent money, please ask your headhunting company to find someone, of course, the person you find must be good! "The boss takes this idea to find a headhunter, and the requirements for the candidate include not only normal education, age, gender, resume, past performance, but also zodiac sign, hometown, star sign, and so on. Some even suggest that the" master "should be asked to" calculate "before joining.
On the one hand, the world may not even exist for the people the boss wants; On the other hand, once the boss has the right candidate in place, they hope to solve all problems immediately. Not only does the boss think so, but their subordinates and colleagues also think so. Since you earn a high salary and occupy a high position, it depends on your abilities and how you perform.
The pressure this work environment brings to candidates is understandable, and it is often difficult to form a team collaboration situation. If there are any other matters, please come to our website http://www.zfzjr.com Consult and understand!